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Information Technology has provided an opportunity for DILG to communicate all its programs, projects, activities and related information to all stakeholders of the local governments on real time. In fact it also open a chance for people around the globe who have internet access to view, comment and suggest regarding matters relating to social economic environmental and political dimensions of the localities.

The portal of DILG Region 13 with a domain name of www.caraga.dilg.gov.ph provide lots of information and links on local governance from circulars, legal opinion, profiles, best practices, news and related events. More links will be established on every component of public administration or management of local governments as we progress with our activities.

In this context, I am encouraging all local government officials, national line agencies, civil society organizations, youth, students and every stakeholder in the locality to try to visit our website in order to complement their knowledge about local governance. There are more inputs, insights and everything to to learn in the DILG 13 website.


    Asst. Regional Director


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