Caraga region - All seventy-seven (77) local government units of Region 13 (CARAGA) have completed the on-line data entry of the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) for the calendar year 2012.


            In a Memorandum dated April 18, 2013 from the Bureau of Local Government Supervision (BLGS) of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Central Office, only Regions II, III, XIII (CARAGA) and CAR attained 100% completion of LGPMS on-line data entry.


The LGPMS is a self-assessment, management and development tool used to assess and measure the performance of LGUs in the provinces, cities and municipalities. By completing the LGPMS on-line data entry, the LGUs will know the strong and weak points of their services, utilizing different sets of indicators.  These indicators are focused on governance and development areas that measure their performance in:  (1) Administrative Governance, (2) Social Governance, (3) Economic Governance, (4) Environmental Governance and (5) Valuing Fundamentals of Good Governance.


The local government officials and functionaries who are respondents to this tool will be able to generate the state of performance and development in their areas that will serve as the basis for coming-up with the State of Local Governance Report (SLGR). This report being generated will now provide the details underpinning the LGUs performance. The LGUs weak performance are revealed and will now be responded through strategic efforts such as strengthening the local government’s internal capacity, formulating policies to address certain issues, gaps and challenges and addressing problematic areas to promote development.


Through LGPMS, the information being generated in the system is used by LGUs for policy and program development. The result of the assessment will also address development gaps existing in their scope of their locality. This will ensure the delivery of quality basic services to the constituents and will influence future decisions of the LGU Officials focusing on certain areas that promotes development.


            The Province of Dinagat Islands was excluded in the LGPMS online data entry for C.Y. 2012  for its questioned constitutionality of being a province was finally resolved and officially declared as valid and constitutional just last year in a Minute Resolution dated September 11, 2012 in G.R. No. 180050 (Navarro v. Executive Secretary Ermita). (Florian Faith Jr. P. Bayawa, LGOO II, DILG 13)

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