Vigan City is one of 21 cities left to vie in the international competition for the “New7Wonders Cities” by the New7Wonders Foundation and is in need of the support of every Filipino to push through as winner.
The “New7Wonders Cities: is the third international competition by the New7Wonders Foundation which aims to recognize the seven (7) best cities in the world that has contributed immeasurable to human civilization.

The search is about the reach its final phase. From the 300 cities which qualified in 2013, 21 cities are left and the City of Vigan is the Philippines remaining candidate. To ensure that the City of Vigan will remain as finalist until the announcement of the Official New7Wonders Cities and hopefully win the competition on December 7, 2014, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has issued Memorandum Circular 2014-91 dated August 1, 2014 to “call on the full support of our countrymen for this cause and bring pride to every Filipino.”

Entitled “Support to the National Promotion Campaign for the City of Vigan to be one of the new Seven (7) Wonder Cities of the World”, the DILG has called on all Local Chief Executives to extend full support to this venture by undertaking promotional advertisements and campaigns to vote for the Heritage City of Vigan.

Voting can be done by visiting the New7Wonders Cities website at It is hoped that all share in the cause and do their part in voting and in campaigning for Vigan to win. (LGOO II Don Manuelo O. Patrimonio)

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