By : LGOO II Don Manuelo O. Patrimonio

Butuan City—A total of Php 42,419,865 have been released to date by the Department of the Interior and Local Government – Caraga Region (DILG 13) for 19 Disaster Risk Reduction-Related projects, 12 Potable Water System projects and 1 Other Infrastructure project across 25 municipalities in Caraga Region lodged under the agency for the Bottom-Up Budgeting program.

One of the mechanisms to pursue the Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty from 26.5% in 2009 to 16.6% by 2015 is the Bottom-up Budgeting (BUB) program. Starting 2012, BUB has been a strategy of converging programs of the National Government Agencies, including the DILG, aimed at addressing the needs of the communities and the delivery of services by Local Government Units.

These 25 were among the first batch of municipalities to receive their checks. The rest of the 48 cities and municipalities in the region are slated to receive their BUB DILG Fund within this or the next quarter of this year.

Of those already released, a total of P10,520,400 worth of checks were received by six (6) municipalities of Agusan del Norte for the implementation of 8 projects (3 DRR-related totaling P4.2M, 4 potable water systems totaling P5.5M and 1 other infra project—Public Market—amounting to P820,400). The municipalities that received checks were Carmen (P1.2M), Jabonga (P820,400), Kitcharao (P4M), Nasipit (P1.2M), RTR (P1.8M) and Santiago (P1.5M—3 projects).

A total of P13,420,000 worth of checks were received by four (4) municipalities of Agusan del Sur for the implementation of 4 projects (1 DRR-related amounting P2.88M and 3 potable water systems totaling P10.54M). These were Loreto (P2.8M), San Francisco (P2.88M), San Luis (P4M), and Trento (P3.74M).

A total of P10,479,465 worth of checks were received by eight (8) municipalities of Surigao del Norte for the implementation of 11 projects (7 DRR-related totaling P7.3M and 4 potable water systems totaling P3.1M). These were Bacuag (P1.08M), Burgos (P1.6M), Mainit (P700K), Malimono (P1.2M—2 projects), Pilar (P2M), San Isidro (P500K), Socorro (P1.4M—2 projects), and Sta. Monica (P2M—2 projects).

A total of P 8,000,000 worth of checks were received by seven (7) municipalities of Surigao de Sur for the implementation of 9 projects (8 DRR-related totaling P7.5M and 1 potable water system amounting to P500K). The municipalities were Barobo (P1.52M), Bayabas (P1.3M), Cantilan (P500K), Cortes (P600K), Hinatuan (P2.08M) Marihatag (P1.0M—2 projects) and San Agustin (P1.0M—2 projects).

Mode of fund releases were single tranches for projects costing P1M or less, and the rest were first of two tranches (80%) for projects amounting to more than P1M.

Thus far, the BUB DILG Fund for the three years of implementation amounts to a substantial P551,590,315.47. In 2013, the fund amounted to P67,241,999.72 that increased to P120,375,596.15 in 2014 to P363,972,719.660 this year. These are all for projects identified at the community level through the Bottom-Up Budgeting process.

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