Cognizant to one of DILG’s main thrust is working hand in hand with the Local Government Units (LGUs) in addressing Poverty. The Department has employed various interventions in the form of programs and projects aimed at achieving higher level of social-service fulfillment against poverty issues.


The Community-Based Monitoring System Accelerated Poverty Profiling (CBMS-APP) was conceptualized in partnership with the Angelo- King CBMS dela Salle Network. The system is a very useful tool in the assessment and evaluation process in the formulation of Comprehensive Development Plan. It is also helpful in prioritizing programs that would directly address defined needs of a certain community. 

The CBMS APP process has four (4) modules and uses gadgets with built-in GPS. Through these processes, interventions would be determined on an evidence based approach as collectedly supplied through census in all household of a community, for a period covered. Further, the integration of spot-aping of every household’s location complemented in the identification and prioritization of needs and interventions in a community.  

The introduction of the CBMS APP has been actively responded by most LGUs countrywide. The municipalities of Tubod, Surigao del Norte and Cagwait, Surigao del Sur in Caraga Region are among the LGUs that have implemented the system. They have also completed the whole process of module 1, including the conduct of census in all households.

On April 11 to 15, 2016, DILG-13 Caraga facilitated the training/ orientation workshop on CBMS APP module 2 at LGRRC facility. It was attended by a total number of 12 participants from Local Officials/ Functionaries of said LGUs of Tubod Municipal and Cagwait Municipal; the respective Municipal Planning & Development Coordinators and Staff as well as with some of the technical personnel of DILG 13 Caraga, who are tasked to extend technical assistance (Capacity Building) related to the implementation of CBMS APP by other expected LGUs from this region that would avail soon.  

           This System is considered as a significant tool in formulation of evidence-based interventions to address poverty at a lower marginal error.

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