The Department of the Interior and Local Government, through the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drugs Strategy (PADS) Project Management Office (PMO) has developed Audio-Visual Presentations (AVPs) on Programs Against Illegal Drugs as part of the Department's campaign in advocating the need to eliminate the threat of illegal drugs to the community's peace and order, as well as help those who suffer from its adverse effects.

 The AVPs include:
• Part 1: Holistic Approach to the Campaign Against Illegal Drugs
• Part 2: Drug-Free Workplace
• Part 3: School anti-Drug Program
• Part 4: Special Drug Education Program
• Part 5: Preventive Drug Education
• Part 6: Anti-Drug Abuse Council
• Part 7: Community Based Drug Rehabilitation Program
• Part 8: Reintegration Program
• Part 9: Balay Silangan
• Part 10: Barangay Drug Clearing

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