DILG CARAGA LGU PROFILE Date Updated March 18, 2013
LGU Name Loreto            Office Address Poblacion, Loreto, ADS  
Province Agusan del Sur  Date Chartered    
Region CARAGA LGU Website  
Income Class          1st        Population                           Phone / Fax Number  
Number of Barangays 17 LGU Email Address  
Land Area (has)   Major LGU Products  
Major Land  Use    Number of Households   

Local Officials      Name Term Politial Party Election Details
Mayor   Hon. Romeo O. Magadan, Sr.                                               3rd              LAKAS-KAMPI CMD                   Number of Polling Precinct
Vice Mayor Hon. George S. Legaspi, Jr. 2nd  LAKAS-KAMPI CMD 17
Sangguniang Members Hon. Amado L. Lozada, Jr. 2nd LAKAS-KAMPI CMD
Hon. Allan Q. Irisari 2nd LAKAS-KAMPI CMD
Hon. Samson S. Ramilo 1st PDSP Number of Registered Voters
Hon. Nestor D. Canacio 2nd LAKAS-KAMPI CMD 17,613
Hon. Ma. Marley C. Daday 2nd LAKAS-KAMPI CMD
Hon. Jerome S. Lagrada 1st Independent Voter Classification
Hon. Iniego Q. Angwas, Jr. 2nd LAKAS-KAMPI CMD Male 9,500
Hon. Arlene B. Celiz 1st PDSP Female 8,113
      Percentage of Previous Election
Voters Turn-out
Liga Presindent Hon. Roldanito O. Reyes    
SK Fed President                   Hon. Jessmar M. Magadan    

Major LGU Awards Received Year Conferred by SEAL OF GOOD HOUSEKEEPING
                                 SGH Grade         Year
      n/a                                            2013
      n/a  2012
      COA AAR     Year
LGU Best Practice Year Award Garnered n/a             2014
            n/a 2013
LGU Registered CSOs / NGOs LGU Grants Amount Year
Local Government Unit Performance Rating
LGPMS ARTA-RCS Rating Seal of Disaster Preparedness
LGU Finances
Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) LGU Annual Budget LGU Income
2013                                             2013                                                           2012                                               
2012   2012   2011  
2011   2011   2010                                          

Business Permit and Licensing LGU Tourism LGU Delicacies
Items New Renewal Distance to Regional Center    
# of Forms 1 1 Distance to the nearest Airport    
# of Steps 3 3 Primary mode of Transportation    
Process Time 2 days 2 days Number of Hotels    
# of Signatories 1 1 Number of Financial Institutions    
Total # of Business Registered 179 Notable Landmarks / Touris Spot Location
Business Permit and Licensing Officer Agusan Marsh  
Nestor G. Gonzalez    
Investment Opportunities    
  P/C/M Economic Enterprise
  Year Budget Allocation Income
LGU Festivals Date 2013    
LGU Economic Activity
Rank the Major LGU Economic Activity Agricultural   Mining   Commercial and Service Centers  
1 - Low 5 - High Fishery   Industrial  
0 - Not applicable

LGU Literacy Rate Employement Rate Poverty Incidence Population Growth Year
88% 51.11% 71.1% 2.1% 2009
LGU Educational Institutions LGU HealthCare
Institutions Total Institutions Total Health Incidents
Day Care Centers / Pre-School                    44 / 5 Hospitals         1 Cause Cases Deaths
Primary (Elementary, Kinder)   9 / 27 Health Centers-1 MHC      10 Dengue 2 0
Secondary (High School)   9 Birthing Clinics 0 Diarrhea 510 0
Tertiary (College, University)   1 Others 0 Typhoid 0 0
Indigenous/Ethnic Population Infant Mortality Rate Measles 2 0
Group %   Others 0 0
Manobo           59.3     LGU Total Number of Crime Incidents Natural Disaster Incidents
Ilonggo 19.2 2011 2012 Calamity 2012 2013
Cebuano           14.9                                   Floods 20 5
Dominant Religion Population 5% LDRRM Fund Allocation Landslide 4 6
Denomination % 2012 2013 Typhoon 1 0
Cathholic       69.9                                                     8,963,541.45 Tsunami 0 0
Iglesia ni Cristo 4 Presence of LDRRM Plan(Yes/No)     Yes        Earthquake 5 2
Aglipay/Filipinista 5.2 Presence of LDRRM Office(Yes/No) on-going construction Others 0 0
All the Gospel 4.6 Presence of Early Warning Systems (Y/N) No LDRRM Officer
Baptist 3.6 Emergency Response Team (Y/N) Yes Michael A. Mondejar
Alpha Omega 1.2 # of Evacuation Sites/Centers 21 Contact # 09128411405
LGU Socialized Housing
Local Housing Board Organized?   (Yes/No) Number of LGU Housing Projects Number of LGU Informal Settlers
LHB Date Organized   Date None 438

LGU Compliance  
Business Permit and Licensing System (BPLS) Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP)  
BPLS Standards Compliance                             (Yes/No) Presence of CLUP              Yes                (Yes/No)  
LGU Streamline Date   Date CLUP Adopted not yet Date
Local Investment Incentive Code (LIIC) CLUP Updated on-going Date  
Presnce of LIIC   (Yes/No) Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)  
LIIC Adopted   Date Presence of CDP Yes (Yes/No)
LIIC Updated   Date CDP Adopted 5/10/2011 Date  
Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Plan (DRRM) CDP Updated 2017 Date  
Presnce of DRRMP   (Yes/No) Local Revenue Code (LRC)
DRRMP Adopted   Date Presence of LRC   (Yes/No)    
DRRMP Updated   Date LRC Adopted   Date  
Comprehensive Forest Land Use Plan (CFLUP) LRC Updated   Date
Presence of CFLUP   (Yes/No) Schedule of Market Values (SMV)
CFLUP Adopted   Date Presence of SMV   (Yes/No)
CFLUP Updated   Date SMV Updated   Date
Full Disclosure Policy Compliance
Location of FDP Bulletin Boards Compliance Status   (Full/ Partial)
  Webposting @ http://fdpp.dilg.gov.ph
  Lastest Quarter Posted   (X Quarter)
  FDP Data As Of: /       /
Solid Waste Management Plan (SWM) LGU FDP Focal Person
Presence of SWMP No (Yes/No) Name  
SWMP Adopted Dropped Date LGU LGPMS Data Encoder
SWMP Updated No Date Name  

Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year
Gawad Pamana ng Lahi (GPL)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year
Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year
Special Local Roads Fund (SLRF)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year
Provincial Roads Management Fund (PRMF)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year
Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat (SALINTUBIG)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year
Buttom Up Budgeting (BUB)
Name of Project Amount Status Target Beneficaries Impact Year

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