Last February 5, 2014 the Regional Poverty Reduction Action Team (RPRAT) went to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur for the Provincial Validation of the Local Povery Reduction Action Plans (LPRAP) for 2015 and Orientation of the Seal of Good Local Governance. The event was held at Mabe’s Savory Place. Brgy. 1, San Francisco Agusan Del Sur.

The LPRAPs discussed contained the province's proposed projects under consideration for funding under the budgeting of the national government under the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (GPB) process.

The Event was attended by the different LGUs in the Province of Agusan del Sur: Mayors, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Provincial DILG staff and other LPRAT Members.

Governor Adolph Edward G. Plaza, DILG ADS Provincial Director Arleen Ann R. Sanchez and DILG 13 Regional Director Lilibeth A. Famacion  were the principals present and took part in the planning and validation where they were able to share their thoughts and values to everyone through the messages they gave during the program.

The event started at 10 AM where different issues and clarifications about the proposed projects were raised and discussed.  The RPRAT ran through the submitted documents so that everyone would be aware on whatever lacking documents or requirements they have to comply to push the proposals forward.

After the discussion and deliberation, the Seal of Good Local Governance was discussed by the GPB Regional Focal Person LGOO VI Jocelyn Jayoma. She emphasized the requirements and areas of the governance to be strengthened and prioritized in order to pass this program.

Immediately after the discussion, the last of the Seals of Good Housekeeping (SGH) were awarded to the 14 Municipalities and the Province of Agusan del Sur for having been able to pass and comply with the SGH set criteria for F.Y. 2012. These municipalities were:  Bunawan, Bayugan City, Esperanza, La Paz, Loreto, Prosperidad, Rosario, San Francisco, San Luis, Santa Josefa, Sibagat, Talavogon, Trento, and Veruela.

Performance Challenge (PCF) were also awarded during the program. Checks worth one million each were given to the municipalities of Talacogon, Veruela and Santa Josefa; checks worth three million to Bayugan City; and a check worth seven million to the province.

The awarding was spearheaded by the RD Famacion and was assisted by the PD Sanchez and Gov. Plaza. (Eirene C. Mahusay, DILG XIII)

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