The Seal is a recognition for the LGU's journey towards good local governance.  It is both a symbol and responsibility to relentlessly uphold the principles of accountability, honesty, transparency, service and sustainable development in local government units (LGUs).

Taking off from the previous SGLG Assessment way back in 2019, as year 2020 SGLG Assessment was officially suspended because of the grueling challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, while year 2021 was the year of the SGLG Pilot Field Test, this year carries on the first year of up-scaled implementation raising the SGLG’s Bar of Excellence of measuring the performance of Local Government Units (LGUs) from Seven (7) to Ten (10) Governance Areas:

  1. Financial Administration
  2. Disaster Preparedness
  3. Social Protection and Sensitivity Programs
  4. Safety, Peace and Order
  5. Business-Friendliness and Competitiveness
  6. Environmental Management
  7. Tourism, Heritage Development, Culture and Arts
  8. Programs for Sustainable Education (new)
  9. Health Compliance and Responsiveness (new)
  10. Youth Development (new)

The Seal now shifts its focus to a results-based parameters that would influence behavioral change. This will include output-outcome indicators and exacting accountability from supervising LGUs, such as provincial government’s supervision over its component cities and municipalities, and cities / municipalities’ supervision over barangays. The SGLG Act also encourages our LGUs to facilitate a holistic approach to development by passing all ten (10) Governance Areas.

LGUs must be “ALL-IN” by passing all the ten (10) assessment areas, otherwise, they will not get the Seal or fail in the Assessment.

This year’s LGU Awardees or SGLG Recipients are eligible to the SGLG Incentive Fund (SGLG-IF), formerly known as the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF), to finance local development initiatives in furtherance of national goals and strategic thrusts.

(LGOO VI Florian Faith Jr. P. Bayawa, DILG XIII)

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